by holy war

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released January 18, 2015



all rights reserved


holy war Rochester, New York

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Track Name: Intro (hatepunx)
Hate Punx
Track Name: Wasteland
You hide a swarm of flies
behind your empty eyes
and I know inside
you're nothing but a wasteland
I watched you turn to shit
cross my heart I hope you drown in it
a pile of rotten guts and piss
your words never meant anything
I watched you turn to shit
Track Name: Long walk off a short pier
Drain the blood from the ones you love
make sure the pigs get their fill
flashy clothes and designer drugs
an endless buffet of swill
and I can feel it all pulling me under
they try to bury me
but I won't be the one to break
you dig a grave with every word
so shut the fuck up
Track Name: You can't miss what you forget (Featuring Jesse Amesmith of Green Dreams)
Wake me up
drag me out of this nightmare
a glimpse of what i've become
I am the bringer of despair
bury me in dirt
somewhere the gods can't see
tie the roots to my veins
this earth can't hold me
wake me up
I've always been my worst nightmare
I hate what i've become
my every breath will ignite the air
and i'll watch you burn
I never meant for this
(I tried to fix the past
clawing at the sutures
but I was ripped apart
left for dead in the sewer
there's only one way out
pray the end comes sooner)
Leave me
Leave me
Leave me
Leave me
Wake me up
Focus every breath
on destroying what hope left
loneliness is my name
"you can't miss what you forget"
so just leave me
here to rot
Track Name: Sever the head
In this land of the blind
the one eyed man is king
self proclaimed royalty
invisible brass rings
walking around like you own it all
but you don't own me
what is it you think I need
a false profit to watch over me
I won't follow your shepherd
I'd rather fucking sink
you can lead this horse to water
but you can't make me drink
sever the head of the flower city
Track Name: Choke (Featuring Jay Pepito of Reign Supreme)
Here we go again
that familiar stench
makes its way into my head again
thought i'd buried it years ago
with my loneliness
I can't escape
I can't escape
my mistakes
can't forget my regrets
failure never seems to leave my side
I've run out of places to survive
(used to say we'd haunt these streets
but I turned to dust instead
the only ghosts you'll have to hold
are the ones inside your head)
inside your head
I can't escape
I can't escape
fuck me
fuck me
here we go again
you don't give a shit
don't pretend you fucking ever did
Track Name: Waves will rise (on silent water)
What do I do when everyone I love fades away
do I sit back and watch them deteriorate
do I look to the sky for some invisible sign
the only certainty in life is death
I won't waste my time on my knees
hoping for the best
when the time comes
and the sun has left your son
I'll trade my soul away
to see your smiling face
to know that you're ok
to know you feel no pain
i'll give everything
I'll give anything
I remember the days when I thought
I'd live forever
an invincible ship
just pushing through bad weather
but the rains were relentless
and my grasp wouldn't hold
so I sunk in the ocean
and I embraced the cold
I embraced the cold
then the tide came
and I couldn't find the strength
to push against the current
to fight off the waves
another nameless sailor
falling victim to the sea
wasting my last breath cursing humanity
I could have been so much more than the person
you saw in me
I let this life take the last of
the good I had left
now i waste time on my knees
praying for the end
praying for the end